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LeBron James has multiple DVRs and says he can watch every NBA game at once so he can study his opponents

LeBron James doesn't allow himself to miss much NBA action.

While speaking to reporters before the Los Angeles Lakers' Friday night game against the Utah Jazz, James said he DVRs every NBA game. He didn't say exactly how many DVRs he has, but he smiled and said, "I got a couple."

James said he can watch every game at the same time and keep tabs on what's going on.

"I'll watch all of them at the same time. I'm serious. I can watch every last one of them at the same time," James said.

James said if a particular game catches his interest, he'll focus on that game. James then showed off his photographic memory, reciting the end of the fourth quarter of the Brooklyn Nets-Minnesota Timberwolves season-opener, in which Kyrie Irving missed a game-winning jump shot at the buzzer in overtime.

"Well, Kyrie went up three, hit the three, [Karl-Anthony Towns] came back, tied the game. Kyrie got a pick-and-roll, got ice'd, pocket pass to Jarrett Allen, missed two free throws. Rebound, Taurean Prince, blocked shot. Andrew Wiggins, miss, overtime," James recalled. "So, I watched all the way until Kyrie missed the shot at the end of the overtime. And then I watched the rest of the games as well."

James said he generally knew what happened in every game. He gave an example, noting that Jazz guard Mike Conley missed, in his estimation, about eight right-handed floaters in the first game of the season, a shot James said is normally "money."

However, James insisted that his viewing habits are not simply for pleasure.

"I don't watch basketball for entertainment … For me, basketball is like reading a great book. I don't believe great books are entertainment, I think it's something that just continues to strengthen the mind. That's what I love about basketball: it continues to strengthen my mind every time I watch it."