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LEGO poked fun at Tesla’s controversial Cybertruck design with a block on wheels that’s ‘guaranteed shatterproof’ (TSLA)

Tesla released the electric Cybertruck last Thursday, and people haven't stopped talking about it since. The most expensive model costs nearly $80,000, and will go into production in 2021.

The design has been roasted on Twitter, compared to everything from the Warthog in the HALO series to a DeLorean. Not everyone hates the design, though: Syd Mead, artistic director of “Blade Runner,” called the Cybertruck “stylistically breathtaking.”

CEO Elon Musk says that there have already been 250,000 preorders for the truck.

Not to be left out, toy brand LEGO joined in on Twitter Wednesday to poke fun at the unorthodox design:

The rendering mirrors the images provided by Tesla.

LEGO even referenced the major snafu of Tesla's announcement last week, when the lead designer cracked the Cybertruck's window twice while attempting to show the strength of the glass.

You can watch Elon Musk's reaction here.