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Margaret Cho Accuses Donald Trump Of Contributing To The Hate Crimes Against The Asian Community!

Margaret Cho Accuses Donald Trump Of Contributing To The Hate Crimes Against The Asian Community!

Margaret Cho called Donald Trump out, blaming him for what happened in Atlanta not too long ago! As you know, shootings at spas in the state killed 8 in total, 6 out of which were Asian women and the actress argued that the previous POTUS’ casual racism contributed to the tragedies.

During a new interview for HollywoodLife, Margaret stated: ‘My initial reaction to the attack in Atlanta was really shock and disbelief. I think Trump’s anti racial slurs absolutely contributed because it is a casual kind of racism he was promoting. That casual way of being racist is actually really harmful because you minimize the humanity of others, and that is what Trump was doing.’

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Sure enough, Trump is the one who coined offensive terms for COVID-19 such as the ‘China virus,’ ‘Wuhan virus’ and ‘Kung-Flu,’ among others, which went on to be used by many of his followers as a way to mock the Asian-American community and blame them for the pandemic.

But even after the shooting that killed 6 Asian women, some are still reluctant to consider it a hate crime.

About this, Margaret said that ‘The fact that law enforcement was reluctant to call it a hate crime is truly irresponsible because I cannot imagine what else it could be. This is a hate crime, absolutely. I don’t buy that the shooter was having a ‘bad day.’ I mean, be that as it may, it doesn’t justify murder.’

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When asked why she believes that women and older people are overwhelmingly targetted, Margaret shared that ‘I think we see more Asian women and the elderly being targeted because, obviously, the people who are doing it are cowards. They don’t want anybody who’s going to fight back or anybody that’s going to be a worthy target, you know? I mean not that there are worthy targets, but anybody that’s going to give them a fight. They want somebody they can overpower. It’s cowardly, and it’s disgusting.’

For more on what she had to say, check out the interview in full!