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Mario Kart Tour had an unbelievably good first month, but it still can’t dethrone Pokémon Go

Nintendo's latest mobile gaming gambit Mario Kart Tour had a sensational opening month according to figures from app analytics site Sensor Tower.

In its first 30 days Mario Kart Tour garnered roughly 123.9 million downloads in its first 30 days. It far outstripped Nintendo's next biggest phone game Super Mario Run, which got 21.8 million downloads in its first month — a figure which Mario Kart Tour all but surpassed on its first day, when it got 20 million downloads.

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The opening month downloads catapulted Mario Kart Tour to the second biggest launch in mobile gaming history behind Pokémon Go. Mario Kart Tour's opening month wasn't too far behind Pokémon Go however, as its 123.9 million downloads equalled just over 75% of Pokémon's first-month downloads (163 million).

In terms of revenue Mario Kart Tour is Nintendo's second-biggest success after Fire Emblem Heroes. Tour made $37.4 million in its first month through in-app purchases, compared to Fire Emblem's $67.6 million.