Meet Belle Delphine, the Instagram star who sold her bathwater by the bottle to ‘thirsty gamer boys’

A 19-year-old Instagram model had her account shut down in July, just weeks after going viral for selling her bathwater to "thirsty gamer boys" for $30 a jar.

Belle Delphine, a British cosplayer famous for her provocative photos, has been on Instagram since 2015. But the bathwater stunt, combined with an earlier gag involving the website PornHub, thrust her into the spotlight this year.

Before her account was shut down, Delphine had as many as 4.5 million Instagram followers. Separately, she has almost 4,400 supporters on Patreon, where anybody who pledges $25 a month or more can view her "lewd HD photosets," and those who pay $50 or more a month get access to her Snapchat, which is described as her "'naughtiest' social media."

But both of her Instagram accounts were shut down in July in what the photo-sharing app attributed to a violation of its rules — though the company declined to go into details. That's contrary to earlier speculation that it may have been the result of a mass-reporting campaign.

Here's everything you need to know about the Instagram star Belle Delphine:

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