Meet WeWork’s board of directors, a group of former execs guiding founder Adam Neumann through a flubbed IPO

WeWork's board of directors includes former officials at Coach, Goldman Sachs, and Uber, along with top private equity and venture capital executives. And their job of advising and holding cofounder and CEO Adam Neumann accountable just became even more critical.

The office-rental firm is delaying the timeline for its initial public offering plan amid a wave of criticism in recent weeks, including complaints over a deal under which the company paid Neumann $5.9 million for use of the word "We." That arrangement was reversed earlier this month.

WeWork also made headlines when the firm revealed there were no women on its seven-member board of directors. The company quickly amended its federal filing to include one female: Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei. In the filing, WeWork said it plans to add additional directors after the IPO to create a more diverse group.

Neumann stills retains control of the company, even after a decline in the number of his votes per share. The change was part of a sweeping revision to its IPO filing to address investor concerns over how WeWork will be controlled after the public offering. Among them is a shift to give the board the power to remove Neumann. His wife — Rebekah Paltrow Neumann — will also no longer be involved in determining the next CEO.

Below are the board members' connections to WeWork, plus some — but not all — their professional highlights.

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