Meghan King Edmonds Says Her Marriage Is “So Hard to Rebuild” After Cheating Scandal

Amid their efforts to get their son the help he needs, Meghan and Jim are simultaneously working on repairing their relationship.

"Today's actually our five-year [wedding] anniversary—and so we, he's inside at Goodwill [and] we're like, looking for Halloween costumes—and then we're going to counseling," Meghan told The Daily Dish. "I think that's almost a date for us because we have to talk about us; we have to communicate about things that don't involve [other topics]."

"I think going to therapy is huge because I think a lot of men don't like that," she added. "So that's been really big for me. And then, like little things to work on [as well]. Let's say, I like things in the calendar and he doesn't, [him] trying to put things in the calendar more. That's not going to make or break a marriage, but little things add [up], like small acts of kindness."

Meghan said she thinks "people can change."

"I'm in no way taking responsibility from him or accountability—and if we were just dating, he would be long gone," she said. "But we built a life together and there are so many lives that would be affected. I'm hurt right now and our life is massively affected, but if we were to split just because of his indiscretion, then there's multiple other people who are affected, as well. So I owe it to not only myself and the commitment I made to my marriage to work on it, but I owe it to my children."

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