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Melania Trump confides in almost no one because she’s scared of people leaking to the media

First Lady Melania Trump confides in remarkably few people, according to CNN reporter Kate Bennett. That fact makes reporting on the first lady difficult, Bennett said in a recent interview with New York magazine's The Cut. Keeping her circle so small likely allows Melania to avoid potentially embarrassing leaks.

Bennett, who just published a book on the first lady titled “Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography,” said Melania has a very small circle of trusted friends and advisers — “like, three people,” she told The Cut.

“There are certainly things that I know about that would have made for really juicy stuff for the book … but because of those relationships and because her world is so small, and she does that by design, she will know who told me what,” Bennett said. “And so, I don't nor can I really in good faith destroy someone's life or friendship or job just because I want to.”

In her book, Bennett calls Melania's East Wing “the White House's tightest ship.” The president's staff is notoriously prone to leaking to the press.

Despite Melania's secretive nature, Bennett described her as the “most free person in the Trump world” and the least publicly-engaged modern first lady.

First families have long been careful about who they keep in their inner circles. Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly had a “no new friends” policy during the 2008 campaign.