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Mitt Romney’s grandson dressed up as his grandfather’s secret Twitter persona ‘Pierre Delecto’ for Halloween

The Romney family clearly has a sense of humor — Mitt Romney's grandson dressed up as his alter-ego "Pierre Delecto" for Halloween.

On Thursday, Tagg Romney, the eldest son of Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, tweeted a picture of his son Thomas' costume, complete with a tux, mustache, beret, sunglasses, and a "Pierre Delecto" name tag.

The costume was based on Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account, which Slate uncovered earlier this month.

Reporter Ashley Feinberg tracked it down after Romney told The Atlantic that he keeps a secret Twitter account to keep tabs on the political conversation. He also used it to anonymously defend his record.

Reaction to Thomas' costume was largely positive online.

"Well played. Well played," Twitter user Sarah Burris said.

"Damn, your family is ruthless," Twitter user @Amarachi_E wrote.

No word from Sen. Romney himself yet.