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Momma Dee Clarifies Making An Obituary For Bambi Benson’s Mom Who Beat Cancer

Momma Dee Clarifies Making An Obituary For Bambi Benson’s Mom Who Beat Cancer

Lil Scrappy and Bambi had to overcome their own struggles before getting married and welcoming a baby. Although Bambi and Momma Dee have an amicable relationship, her mother-in-law and mother clash every time they see each other.

In Momma Dee’s latest shocking antics, she made an obituary for Bambi’s mother. As if this wasn’t bad enough — it was revealed that Bambi’s mom recently beat cancer.

Those on social media called her out for taking things absolutely too far. Her own son wouldn’t even talk to her after the incident.

Dee recently went Live via Instagram to clarify some things about the situation.

She explained that this was getting blown out of proportion because she wasn’t wishing death on the woman — just death on her evil spirit.

‘So when I said death to her, I mean again, if I can get rid of that spirit of alcohol, thank you, Jesus, Cece can you get rid of that spirit of trying to physically destroy me? So I kept quiet you guys up until what you saw last week. Yeah, I drew up a fake eulogy, and you know, I was being funny about it. But I never meant death to her body. I meant death to that spirit she has in her because it’s filthy and it stinks and it’s harmful to anyone that comes around her.’

Momma Dee also said that the cancer was caught early in stage one.

The clip was posted by The Shade Room where social media users still weren’t feeling her explanation.

One commentator wrote: ‘t doesn’t matter when she had cancer or if she ever had it . You don’t do that to people period.’

Another said: ‘Some things you just don’t joke about’

This user chimed in with: ‘It’s no excuse. She was dead wrong’

What do you think about her comments on this situation?