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New video raises doubts about whether Ravens defender ‘choked’ Odell Beckham Jr during on-field scuffle

  • Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey was accused of choking Odell Beckham Jr. during a game on Sunday.
  • NFL officials were also accused of ignoring the "choke."
  • A new video from the Ravens appears to show Humphrey grabbing Beckham's jersey close to the neck as he held him on the ground.
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NFL fans were in an uproar on Sunday when a replay appeared to show Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey "choking" Cleveland Browns star receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

To make matters worse, the video also seemed to show an official watching the incident and not penalizing or ejecting Humphrey.


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On Monday, the Ravens released a new video on their website under the title, "Marlon Humphrey Didn't Choke Odell Beckham Jr."

The video appears to show that Humphrey was not choking OBJ. Instead, it looks like Humphrey is grabbing Beckham's jersey with both hands and while holding Beckham down, the hands slide up close to the neck giving the appearance of a "choke."

One could argue that Humphrey's hands are still shoved up next to the neck which could lead to choking without an actual "chokehold." The video also shows that Beckham may have thrown a punch with his right hand that started the scuffle in the first place. 

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens added fuel to the fire after the game when he expressed frustration with his players "getting choked."

"I saw what you saw," Browns coach Freddie Kitchens told ESPN's Sal Paolantonio. "He was getting choked on the ground. They get away with that because it's Odell. I'm going to be on the phone with Al (Riveron, NFL senior vice president of officiating) when I get on the bus."

Referee Shawn Hochuli said after the game that they did not see anything "that rose to the level of disqualifying foul," and that replay officials in New York agreed.