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NFL players keep setting record-breaking contracts. Here are the highest-paid players at each position

  • In the last two years, players like Russell Wilson, Ezekiel Elliott, Julio Jones, and Khalil Mack have signed record-breaking contracts.
  • We looked at the highest-paid player at each position in the NFL based on average annual salary.
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In the NFL, contract negotiations often come down to players wanting to be the highest-paid at their position to reset the market for the next star contract.

This year, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott held ou of training camp to get a new contract and top Todd Gurley as the highest-paid running back. He was successful, signing a six-year, $90 million contract.

We took a look at the highest-paid players at each position, based on average average annual salary, with the help of Spotrac. While quarterbacks, of course, are the highest-paid players, pass-rushers appear to be the next most-valuable position, based on their high salaries.

Check out the highest-paid player at 16 different positions below.