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Nick Viall Reveals the Best ‘Bachelor’ Kisser on His Season

Nick Viall Reveals the Best ‘Bachelor’ Kisser on His Season

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“I’m just gonna say Vanessa [Grimaldi], mostly because she always used Orbit gum before we kissed,” Viall, 39, told Us exclusively on the Tuesday, April 14, episode of Candlelight Confessions about his ex-fiancée, who he proposed to in the finale episode in 2016. “Especially right after she threw up, which is important.”

When it comes to which woman was the worst kisser during his time as the show’s lead, the Wisconsin native wouldn’t name names.

He did, however, note that “there were some bad breaths.”

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“There’s nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath, I don’t care what you look like,” the “Viall Files” podcast host explained to Us. “In terms of actual kissing they were all just fine.”

The former reality TV star admitted that when being compared to Bachelor alum Peter Weber, he’s the “poor man’s Peter Weber,” but he “doesn’t have the scare” like the pilot.

Viall added that he was once compared to Ryan Reynolds, being called a lesser version of the Deadpool actor.

“I was once told I was the Walmart version of Ryan Reynolds, which I honestly felt was a compliment,” the TV personality told Us.

Despite being on the ABC reality series, Viall admitted that he’s not a big reality TV fan. He is a big pop culture guy, who has made friends with many celebs, including Rachel Bilson, who he recently texted to come back on his podcast.

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Watch the video above to see what other confessions the Dancing With the Stars alum spilled to Us about which couple in Bachelor Nation is the worst — it may or may not include him — and a few things fans might be surprised to learn about Chris Harrison.

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