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People are roasting Apple for trying to make ‘slofies’ happen (AAPL)

People are roasting Apple for trying to make ‘slofies’ happen (AAPL)

Apple's plan to launch the newest, trendiest term among teens may be backfiring already.

Apple announced a number of new camera lenses and feature for its new phone, the iPhone 11, at its keynote event on Tuesday. One of those features is the ability to use the front-facing camera for slow-motion video selfies — which Apple has dubbed "slofies."

If Apple wanted to get people talking by introducing a new portmanteau to their vocabulary, it's working, but not necessarily in the way the company would prefer. People on Twitter are already roasting Apple for the new term, with some saying they have no plans to ever use the term and would prefer to never hear it ever again.

The iPhone 11, available starting September 20, will start at $699. In addition to debuting the new iPhone 11 (and trying to add new vernacular to people's vocabularies), Apple also revealed two higher-end iPhone models, a new iPad model, and new Apple Watches.