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Pumpkin and Jennifer Argue Over Custody Of Honey Boo Boo In From Not To Hot

Pumpkin and Jennifer Argue Over Custody Of Honey Boo Boo In From Not To Hot

Honey Boo Boo has been in the temporary custody of her older sister since her mom has been on the run with Geno Doak. In tonight’s episode of From Not to Hot, Pumpkin and Jennifer Lamb will argue over who should take care of the teen.

Alana has made it clear that while she’s okay with maintaining a relationship with her father Sugar Bear, but has no intention of living with him full-time.

When Mama June first went missing, Sugar Bear and Jennifer were hesitant to allow the child to spend most of her time with her sister and her sister’s little family. However, they worked out an agreement.

That agreement is coming to a bump in a road considering that Pumpkin and Alana are not keeping Sugar up to date with their plans.

Recently, the sisters visited California to spend some time with June’s manager and family friend Gina Rodriguez. Little did they know, Gina, who is also Jennifer’s manager, invited the married couple at the same time.

Honey Boo Boo and her older sister have been trying their best to avoid Lamb while the share the same house but it’s understandably impossible. During tonight’s episode, Pumpkin and Jennifer will butt heads again.

‘If I was co-parenting her, her attitude wouldn’t be that way,’ Jennifer says about Alana’s attitude.

She goes on to say in her confessional: ‘I’m not surprised that Alana has an attitude because Pumpkin has an attitude, too. But it has become worse since she’s been living with Pumpkin. If me and Mike had custody of Alana, her attitude would change a lot.’

In her confessional, Pumpkin claps back: ‘Jennifer has the nerve and audacity to tell me to not act like Alana’s sister. I need to act like her mom. That’s when I really just want to tell her to shut the f**k up. Because, first of all, I may only be 19 but I’m also a mother and a wife and I promise you I can handle anything that’s thrown at me.’

You can expect that the tension between the two will worsen when the video of Honey Boo Boo pretending to snort cocaine goes viral.