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Rachel Zegler Leaves Twitter After Ansel Elgort Fans Call Her ‘Homewrecker’

Rachel Zegler Leaves Twitter After Ansel Elgort Fans Call Her ‘Homewrecker’

Over the drama. West Side Story star Rachel Zegler announced a Twitter break after fans accused her of coming between costar Ansel Elgort and his girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan.

“The fact that i have to say something is absolutely absurd,” the actress, 18, wrote in a since-deleted tweet on Thursday, October 3. “But the DMs and the name-calling and throwing around the word homewrecker over me expressing genuine love i have for my coworker is heartbreaking and i don’t want any part of it. So peace for now, i guess. Be nice.”

Earlier on Thursday, Zegler shared her frustration in a cryptic Twitter post. “The internet has made me upset so goodbye for a bit,” she told her followers. “Be nice to each other.”

She also joked about her relationship status before her social media hiatus. “Happy national boyfriend day i am so lonely,” she tweeted on Thursday. “Jk I’m chillin.”

The backlash against Zegler seemingly stemmed from a September Twitter post in which she gushed about Elgort, 25. “There really aren’t enough words to describe the pride i have in ansel’s growth and beauty and literal magic he possesses on screen and off,” she wrote on September 27. “Falling in love with him was easy. Happy wrap mi amor; catch ya on the fire escape sometime soon.”


The theater star later shared the sentimental present she gave the Goldfinch actor after filming concluded. “Ansel’s wrap gift consisted of a piece of ribbon i was wearing the day we had our first screen test together,” she captioned a photo of the keepsake. “I marvel at how far we’ve come since then. Thankful isn’t a good enough word.”

Elgort and Zegler star as Tony and Maria, respectively, in Steven Spielberg’s reboot of West Side Story. The film is set to hit theaters in December 2020.

The Fault in Our Stars actor opened up about his relationship with longtime girlfriend Komyshan in a September interview with The U.K.’s The Times. “I think we’ve been pretty clear that I want to feel free to fall in love with people and that [option] should be open but sexually it can be closed off,” he explained.

The 23-year-old ballerina is Elgort’s high school girlfriend. Us Weekly confirmed in January 2015 that the pair were back together following a brief split.