Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian took 16 weeks of paid paternal leave after his daughter with Serena Williams was born in 2017. Now he’s taking the fight for paid family leave to Congress — and explaining why.

When Alexis Ohanian started a paid parental leave policy for his employees at Reddit, he didn't expect to be using it himself — let alone that he would soon become one of the most prominent paternal leave advocates in the US.

"We implemented a policy that I didn't think I was going to be using anytime soon, but a few years later I found myself using and talking about [it] publicly," Ohanian told Business Insider.

Since taking four months off after his daughter with Serena Williams was born in 2017, Ohanian has become a leader in the fight for paid paternal leave, and his social media profiles are the front lines.

Now, Ohanian is taking the fight to Congress. In October, he spent an entire week on Capitol Hill lobbying business leaders and lawmakers from both parties for a national family leave policy, he told Business Insider.

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