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Reginae Carter Flaunts Her Curves In A Cute Fashion Nova Outfit

Reginae Carter Flaunts Her Curves In A Cute Fashion Nova Outfit

Reginae Carter looks all cute in a pink Fashion Nova outfit. Check out the video that she dropped on social media below.

Someone said: ‘She’s beautiful. Idk why she receives so much unnecessary hate,’ and another follower posted this: ‘No because y’all really be giving her the Meg Griffin treatment 😩😂’

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A follower said: ‘She just keeps getting prettier. 😍 lil chocolate thang. 👏’ and someone else posted this: ‘This a perfect example of a woman who is attractive because of her personality.. because she looks like Weezy with a lace front.. Weezy f baby and the f stands for frontal.’

Someone said: ‘She starting to look more & more like her daddy…’ and someone else said: ‘i love being darkskin ✨😌💕🥀 da sunlight jus be hitting us different fr.’

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A fan said: ‘Funniest thing be when people taking a vid walking & hit a dead-end,’ and more people continued to praise her in the comments.

Not too long ago, Reginae Carter was proudly announcing to fans that she has been featured on Elements magazine and people are really excited for her. Check out the cover.

In other recent news, Reginae Carter blasted a follower who criticized her hair. Check out what happened and what Nae had to say to the hater.

Someone said: ‘It was “look like you need the same sh*t I need” for me 😂’ and another follower posted this message: ‘People leave nasty comments like celebrities aren’t human too. Then get offended and say the celebrity is “sensitive” or “in they feelings” lol ma’am. You just insulted her.’

Other than this, Nae is living her best life these days and she could not be happier together with her family and friends.

She also got back with YFN Lucci. Stay tuned for more news.