Revisit the Botched Doctors’ Riskiest Surgeries Ever Ahead of Season 6

Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow don't hide from unfavorable odds.

"This is the most challenging, high-risk patient in my career," declares Dr. Dubrow in this compilation video featuring some of the Botched personalities' most intimidating surgical conundrums, from collapsed facial features to breast implants that kill. Being that the transformation series' sixth season premieres next week (on Monday, Nov. 4, at 10 p.m.), we thought a little preemptive reminiscing was in order.

"I just don't think I have any choice. I have to take this case on," Dubrow tells the camera, referring to 2015 Botched patient Dee, whose 3,000cc implants increased her risk of developing breast cancer and—according to the plastic surgeon—would almost certainly lead to infection down the line. Electing himself to tackle her complicated case, he reasons, "Somebody has to help her. And if not us and not now, then who and when?"

Dr. Nassif takes a similar approach to his own high-risk patient later on in the video.

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