Ring said it has fired four employees for abusing access to customers’ video footage in the past four years (AMZN)

Amazon-owned Ring has fired four employees over the past year for abusing access to customers data, the company told lawmakers in a letter Monday, which was posted online by NBC reporter Cyrus Farivar.

Ring, which makes home security cameras, said it received four complaints regarding instances where employees accessed information that “exceeded what was necessary for their job functions.” In each instance, Ring said it carried out investigations and, upon discovering that employees had violated company policies, terminated them.

The company's security and privacy practices have come under fire in recent months following a wave of cyberattacks and reports of lax internal policies around employees' access to customer data.

Following those reports, a group of Senators sent a letter to Amazon and Ring in November asking the companies to clarify their security and privacy practices. The companies responded in a letter sent Monday where they also disclosed data access abuse instances and subsequent terminations.