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Roger Mathews ‘Will Always Cherish’ Memories Made With JWoww at Old House

Roger Mathews ‘Will Always Cherish’ Memories Made With JWoww at Old House

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the truck driver, 44, opened up about putting the home he shared with his ex-wife on the market. The Jersey Shore star, 33, filed for divorce from Mathews in September 2018, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The divorce was finalized in August 2019.

“The house we once lived in will always hold fond memories to me. But, a home is a home no matter where it is at and what size it is,” Mathews tells Us exclusively. “I’ve moved onto a new chapter of my life and have zero emotional connection to the house on Clover Hill Lane. I hope it becomes a loving home for the new family who is moving in.”

The New Jersey native, who shares daughter Meilani, 5, and son Greyson, 3, with Farley, also explained how he feels toward his ex, who he began dating in 2010 after meeting in Seaside Heights.

“I will always cherish the memories made there with my children as they both had many of their ‘firsts’ in that home. I wish Jenni well in her new journey as well,” he jokes, adding that there’s one thing he won’t miss. “I’m not gonna miss changing the 36592659 light bulbs in that house or finding the one smoke detector with a dying battery at 2 a.m. that’s three floors down!

In August, Mathews opened up about the divorce. “I’m excited for what the future brings as a single dad,” he said at the time. “Although this last year was the toughest of my life in almost every way, it was also one of tremendous growth and one that tested my human spirit.”

He also is beginning to tip his toe back in the dating pool. “I’m casually dating. Cautiously so,” he told Us last month. “My kids are my focus.”

Mathews added that he’s looking for “an established woman with her career and personal life in order, who has similar likes and interests and who is understanding that my children will always come first. Communication is critical to me at this point in my life. If you’re a bad communicator, we probably won’t make it far. I want peace and stability in my life for myself and my children.”

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