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Rogue Lords Has A New Story Trailer Of The Upcoming Roguelike Experience, Spread Terror And Corruption Upon The Land Of Humanity

Rogue Lords Has A New Story Trailer Of The Upcoming Roguelike Experience, Spread Terror And Corruption Upon The Land Of Humanity

Play as the devil as you enter a dark world full of turn-based corruption. Rogue Lords is a game about vengeance, darkness, and the downfall of the demon hunters. The new story trailer gives players an early taste of the story, while the Steam page provides a good look at the mechanics built into this rogue-like title.

Recruit famous monsters to defeat the demon hunters who locked you away ages ago. Dracula, Bloody Mary, and the infamous Headless Horseman are only some of the many amazing monsters that you can have leading your charge. Take revenge upon the demon hunters and wreck havoc on the world above.

You are the devil and it is up to you to guide famous evils from across the world in turn-based combat experience. Create synergies between your minions and bring about the much-needed revenge of your unholy name.

Many moons ago you were defeated, but now you have a chance to return with only your most trusted and loyal disciples. Play run after run as you collect ancient artifacts and bring back the power you lost in your initial fall.

Your entire team of evil minions can be upgraded. Build up their skills, create synergies, and dispose of any mortals who stand in your way. As your minions grow in power, so do you as you regain much of what you have lost.

As your power grows you will be able to unlock new spells, collect souls, and make the right choices in events. Use your powers to destroy the forces of good using your unholy might.

As a rogue-like experience fans will be able to try time after time again learning from their mistakes and enjoying an ever-changing world. Each playthrough will be different, every challenge a new experience, and every battle only conquered through wit and unholy power.

The game has a unique cartoon style that gives the world a friendly yet dangerous look. From the color selection to the way that the demon hunters look more evil than the servants of darkness this stylized experience is sure to have tons of hidden details and subtle nods.

Return the world to darkness and claim your rightful place as the thing of all evil among the mortals. In this dark tale, players will find what they seek and finally have the revenge they want on the demon hunter plight.

Rogue Lords is ready to launch next year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.