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Samsung and IBM’s joint safety platform highlights a 5G connectivity opportunity for telecoms

At the annual Samsung Developer Conference this week, Samsung and IBM announced a joint platform that uses technologies like 5G and AI to monitor employee well-being. The scalable platform enables enterprises to track their employees' vitals while on the job by using IBM's cloud and AI to aggregate data from Samsung devices.

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If physical distress is detected, the platform can dispatch help. Samsung's wide array of Galaxy smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets enables potential enterprise clients to choose the form factor that best suits their needs and budget. The platform runs as an app and is currently being tested by multiple police forces in the US.

Samsung's platform allows it to leverage its existing lineup of devices to create a new revenue opportunity. The platform aims to reduce the approximately 2.8 million deaths attributed to occupational accidents each year, as it's initially focused on high-risk applications like first responders and manufacturing plant workers. To open further revenue streams, Samsung should look to expand the platform to industries like trucking, healthcare, and even hospitality.

Monitoring services like Samsung and IBM's also present new revenue opportunities for telecoms. Telecoms could partner with Samsung and IBM to provide 5G connectivity for the platform, or replicate the model with their current tech partners.

For example, AT&T could work with existing device partners and cloud providers to build a rival service that leverages the telecom's 5G network to provide real-time insights with minimal latency. Either approach would allow telecoms to derive more revenue from the next-generation network technology — 5G business opportunities will generate $619 billion, according to the International Telecommunications Union.