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Say Yes to These 13 Secrets About The Wedding Planner

Say Yes to These 13 Secrets About The Wedding Planner

Twenty years later, we still have one question: Who plans the wedding planner’s wedding?

Because while Mary knows more than anybody about throwing the nuptials of a woman’s dreams, would she really be able to enjoy her own big day while sweating all the little details herself?!

Anyway… on Jan. 26, 2001, The Wedding Planner waltzed into theaters, a glossy, charming, feel-good slice of cake that was met with mixed reviews—but which incidentally turned Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey into queen and king of the rom-com realm for the rest of the decade.

Lopez plays the enviably organized and polished Mary Fiore, who as the film’s titular professional has it all figured out when it comes to other people’s love, but who has yet to meet Mr. Right and is starting to wonder if she shouldn’t just settle for Mr. He’ll Do, as her doting Italian dad is hoping. (Yes, J.Lo is supposed to be Italian, as is Justin Chambers‘ accent.) Fireworks come along in the form of pediatrician Steve (McConaughey), who’s perfect except for the fact that he’s engaged to Fran (Bridgette Wilson-Sampras) and Mary is planning their wedding.

How will it turn out? (Spoilers down the aisle.)