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Sidney Powell published 2 misspelt election lawsuits against Georgia and Michigan, even after the Trump campaign publicly disowned her

Sidney Powell published 2 misspelt election lawsuits against Georgia and Michigan, even after the Trump campaign publicly disowned her

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Attorney Sidney Powell has pressed ahead with lawsuits alleging “massive election fraud” in Georgia and Michigan even after President Donald Trump’s legal team publicly dumped her.

Powell, who has been dismissed as a conspiracy theorist, published the allegations on her website on Wednesday at midnight and announced them in a tweet using her catchphrase: “The #Kraken was just released.”

The tweet appeared to have been deleted as of Thursday morning, but the documents remained on Powell’s website.

Business Insider verified that the Michigan suit had been lodged in federal court. It was not possible to verify the status of the Georgia suit, which made many of the same claims.

They run to dozens of pages and contain several spelling errors and typos, including “The United States Districct Court” and “Distrcoict of Georgia” in one.

The documents repeat many of the unevidenced allegations Powell made at a press conference on November 19 alongside Rudy Giuliani, when she was still part of the Trump legal team.

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A few days later, the Trump campaign publicly disowned her, issuing a statement saying that she is “practicing law on her own.”

One unnamed Trump advisor told New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman that Powell’s ideas were “too conspiratorial even for him.”

In the lawsuits, Powell charges that voting machines used in Georgia and Michigan switched votes to Biden, and had been designed to ensure that the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez won each of his elections.

These allegations have been debunked, according to CNN.

Citing Andrew Appel, a Princeton academic who has highlighted the vulnerabilities of voting machines, Powell said that the machines had been designed to switch votes in a way that is undetectable.

But Appel — whose comments were published long before the 2020 election — has dismissed the idea that the software is part of a conspiracy, noting that “vulnerabilities are not the same as rigged elections.”

Michigan has paper ballots that can be recounted by hand, Appel wrote. Georgia, which uses touchscreen ballot-marking machines, still has vulnerabilities but “hacks and glitches” there “have been detected and corrected.”

In identical wording, the lawsuits allege that software “was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections.”

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Powell had previously declined to provide evidence for her claims at the request of Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who has been open to many of Trump’s prior claims of election fraud.

In an unusual segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on November 20, Carlson called Powell out for this, saying that he “would have given her the whole hour” if she had done so.

The segment prompted a right-wing backlash against Carlson, which quietened notably after the Trump legal team distanced itself from Powell.

In Michigan, Powell’s lawsuit is filed against Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic governor who was targeted by a right-wing militia with a kidnapping plot in October, and officials.

In Georgia, Powell’s suit is aimed at Republican Govs. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffenberger, among other officials.

Raffenberger, who says his family voted for Trump, recently wrote an opinion piece defending his state’s election management and arguing that Trump had thrown him “under the bus.”

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