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Singer Grimes posts Instagram pic of her looking pregnant and comments about being ‘knocked up,’ leading people to speculate if she and Elon Musk are having a child

Singer Grimes may have just announced that she's pregnant.

The singer and producer, who is dating Tesla CEO Elon Musk, posted an unusual (and not safe for work) Instagram post on Wednesday afternoon that showed her naked with a fetus Photoshopped on her stomach. The post didn't include a caption, but in a comment on the post, Grimes appeared to imply that she is, in fact, pregnant.

The meaning behind the photo is unclear. Grimes is known for trolling on social media, and given that the singer is planning to release a new album, “Miss Anthropocene,” in February, this could be a reference to the new music or an album cover.


The couple has been dating on and off since 2018, when they made their relationship public by walking the red carpet at the annual Met Gala.

Representatives for Grimes and Musk did not immediately respond to request for comment.