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Taylor Swift’s Feuds: Where Are They Now?

Taylor Swift’s Feuds: Where Are They Now?

The pop star never names the targets of her lyrical disses, but Swifties hardly have to read between the lines to know who inspired “Bad Blood” or “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” for example.

Swift’s feuds can often drag on for years, as well. Kim Kardashian may have fired another shot at Swift by scheduling a fragrance release for the same day in April 2019 that the singer is expected to drop new music, that fateful date coming nearly a decade after Swift’s tension with Kanye West, Kardashian’s husband, first started. The reality star has claimed she’s “over” her drama with Swift and that everyone has “moved on,” but social media users beg to differ.

That said, some of Swift’s enemies have become friends after years of fighting. For instance, Swift praised onetime nemesis Katy Perry in 2018 after the American Idol judge sent her a conciliatory gift and letter.

Scroll down to read more updates on Swift’s feud partners — including those whose names are still on her list, in red and underlined.