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Tesla has recalled 89 of its Model 3 cars because they were missing an airbag warning sticker (TSLA)

Tesla has recalled 89 of its Model 3 vehicles built earlier this year due to missing air bag warning labels on passenger-side sun visors.

The cars were built on August 23, 2019, the National Highway Administration said Friday, and Tesla notified customers about the issue in a courtesy email on October 9.

"A missing air bag warning label on the driver-side sun visor would not provide the required FMVSS No. 208 warning information to some occupants, which could increase their risk of injury.," the agency said. "The passenger-side sun visors on affected vehicles have the airbag warning labels with the required warning information, and all Tesla vehicles are equipped with advanced airbags that sense the presence of a child in the front seat and suppress airbag deployment."

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

This is the first time a Tesla Model 3 has been recalled, according to government data.

Tesla produced 96,155 Model 3 vehicles in the third quarter of 2019.