Tesla releases a new version of its glass Solar Roof tiles in quest to revive its energy business

Three years after Tesla bought SolarCity, CEO Elon Musk is still fighting to justify the $2.6 billion deal, in part by revealing a new version of its glass Solar Roof tiles, part of a broader effort to revitalize Tesla's clean energy business.

The company held a webcast to discuss version 3 of its Solar Roof on Friday afternoon, with Musk and other executives taking questions.

CEO Elon Musk and other executives said that the new roof, which includes solar panel tiles that blend in alongside regular roof tiles, would be produced at its factory in Buffalo. The roof — which resembles earlier versions — can be installed on a customer's home by a local installer.

Tesla's vice president of technology, Drew Baglino, said on the call that the version 3 of the solar roof used different materials than prior versions, and made it easier to install than shingles that are commonly used.

The solar glass roof is already available to order, with installations underway already, Musk said, adding that Tesla has the goal of getting to 1,000 roofs installed per week, as quickly as possible. But he said Tesla would not producing at that rate for at least several months.

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