The 12 most-hated YouTube videos of all time, from Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ to the ‘Baby Shark’ song

While Facebook users have been begging the platform for a dislike button for years, YouTube is one of the few social companies who have a button for the audience to easily show its displeasure.

Each video posted on YouTube comes with both a thumbs-up button and thumbs-down button for viewers to share their opinion in just one click. In some cases, users have harnessed the thumbs-down vote to flood its most-hated videos with millions of negative reactions, which have even overtaken the amount of thumbs-up votes in some cases.

A new king of most-disliked YouTube was crowned in December: YouTube itself, whose end-of-the-year Rewind video garnered widespread criticism and 16 million dislikes. Justin Bieber's "Baby" featuring Ludacris, the former first-place title holder, was kicked to second.

So what makes a video so hated to begin with? What makes millions of YouTube viewers join forces and collectively bash a song or video they watch? Let's take a look at the most-downvoted YouTube videos of all time, ranked by the number of "dislike" votes:

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