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The 20 best new products we saw at IFA 2019

The 20 best new products we saw at IFA 2019

In 1924, the first IFA trade show (IFA stands for Internationale Funkausstellung, which translates to "Radio Exhibition") was held in Berlin, Germany to showcase the latest advancements in radio tech.

Since then, IFA has grown to be the largest consumer tech show in Europe and one of the most popular such events in the world. It's now on par with the most famous American consumer tech show, CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which takes place in Las Vegas, NV each January.

Every year, thousands of companies head to IFA in Berlin to showcase their nest new tech, home, and kitchen products. We went to the show to check out all the latest and greatest products, from smart blenders and robotic cleaning machines to shiny new smartphones, laptops, and big-screen TVs.

We've rounded up the best products that we saw at the show. Many of them are available to buy or pre-order right now, and many more will be coming soon.

Here are the 20 best new products from IFA 2019: