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The 35 best CEOs in the world, according to Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review (HBR) published its annual list of the top 100 CEOs globally — notably, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is missing entirely.

Bezos took the number one spot in HBR's 2014 ranking, and has remained on the list until this year. HBR attributes his sudden disappearance to a change in ranking methodology.

HBR says it ranks CEOs based on financial performance as well as environmental, social, and governance measures (called "ESG," collectively). Whereas ESG comprised 20% of the total CEO score in years past, it became more important in 2019. ESG now comprises 30% of the total CEO score, which proved fatal for Bezos.

According to HBR, Amazon has a low ESG score; it cites Sustainanalytics, which attributes the low score to "risks created by working conditions and employment policies, data security, and antitrust issues."

Some CEOs included on the list have stepped down from their roles this year, including Mark Parker from Nike and Anders Runevad from Vestas.

HBR acknowledged that women CEOs are "underrepresented" on the ranking, with just four women on the list this year. It says this number is illustrative of how few women are in the c-suite and is not indicative of performance.

The full ranking can be found on HBR's website.

Check out the top 35 below.