The 8 billion-dollar digital health companies that have triumphed and tanked since going public

Digital health has been a hot spot for investors.

Innovation in the space ranges from cancer treatments, to telehealth, to digitizing health data. In 2018, digital health startups raised $14.8 billion, and funding has increased almost every year since 2014, CB Insights said.

Eventually, though, startup investors want to see a return on their investment. For that to happen, the startups need to go public or get acquired by another company. Since 2011, 16 digital health companies valued at at least $1 billion have gone public or been acquired, according to CB Insights. Nine of those deals happened in 2018.

List of digital health startups that have exited since 2011 via IPO and M&A.

Graphic is courtesy of CB Insights.

Looking at the eight US companies that held IPOs, Business Insider evaluated the companies' stock market performance. Four of the companies have gained since their IPOs, and four have declined.

Take a look at the list from the best to worst performing digital health companies.

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