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The Apple Watch Series 5 is available to preorder now from Best Buy, Apple, and more for $399 and up

The Apple Watch Series 5 is available to preorder now from Best Buy, Apple, and more for $399 and up

The Apple Watch 5 is here, and if you just can't wait, you can pre-order it now at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target, Costco, T-Mobile, Walmart, and Sprint. The device will begin shipping September 20, but you may get it later depending on your location.

The Apple Watch 5 isn't a huge upgrade from its predecessor, the Apple Watch 4, but it does bring some incremental improvements. Its major new feature is an always-on display, so you can see the time without lifting your wrist.

Like previous Apple Watch models, the Series 5 also monitors your steps and exercise output, and delivers up to 18 hours of battery life. The GPS-only model starts at $399, while the LTE-connected model starts at $499.

There aren't many Apple Watch 5 deals yet, but we've rounded up the best ones so far.

The best Apple Watch Series 5 deals you can get right now:

  • Sprint is offering 50% off any model (via monthly bill credits) besides the 44m stainless-steel model with a Milanese loop. The caveats: You need to purchase via a 24-month installment plan, and activate a new watch plan on an account that also has an active phone.
  • Apple is offering up to $191 of Apple Store credit if you trade in an old watch. This is likely the best deal for folks who are upgrading. From Apple, you can purchase through AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

If you decide to buy the Apple Watch 5, here's what you'll get.

An Apple Watch model for everyone

Tony Avelar/AP

There are many, many different Apple Watch Series 5 styles. Buckle up.

The Watch comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes, which start at $399 and $439 respectively.

Then, there are case and band options. The base models have aluminum cases in gold, space gray, or silver colors. They also come with the basic sport band strap, which comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. For a bit more money, you can upgrade to a stainless steel case in black, gold, or space black, but those models start at $699. There's also a titanium case in a light or space-black finish that starts at $799 and a white ceramic case beginning at a whopping $1,299.

Then, you can swap in a fancier watch band. An extra $100 gets you a leather buckle strap, a Milanese loop, or a link bracelet. Note that many of these designs are also available for the Apple Watch Series 4. The titanium and ceramic finishes are the notable additions.

On top of all that, Apple is selling some sporty Nike-branded models, and a blisteringly expensive lineup from Hermes.

It's safe to say that no matter your style, you should be able to find a suitable Apple Watch 5.

An always-on display

Stephen Lam/Reuters

If there's one reason to get the Apple Watch Series 5 over any previous edition of the Apple Watch, it's the always-on display.

For the uninitiated, previous Apple Watches power down their displays when they're not being used. To see the time, you need to raise your wrist (which is more effective with some models than others) or press the physical button.

The Series 5, however, merely dims its display when it's not in use. You can still read the dimmed screen just fine, according to preliminary reviews. It's a handy feature for workouts, meetings, or other occasions where you might need to quickly glance at the time.

Apple claims this feature won't cut into battery life, though we'll need to test the device for ourselves to see if that holds.

The same great fitness tracking


Although there are not that many new fitness features on the new Apple Watch, it still has all the great features that make the previous versions standout smartwatches for fitness tracking.

Like the Series 4, the Series 5 includes an ECG app that monitors your heartbeat and notifies you of potential issues. The device can also track various exercises, from running and biking to swimming and Stairmasters, and it can automatically detect which exercise you're doing. Thanks to its onboard GPS, the watch can also log your distance, so you don't need to bring your phone along.

Apple's App Store also has a number of fitness-related programs that you can use to track your activity. The Nike+ Run Club, for example, provides guided audio workouts while tracking your stats, SmartGym features gym-specific premade plans with helpful animations, MySwimPro provides aquatic workouts, and Pocket Yoga provides a dictionary of yoga poses.

While there were rumors of a new sleep-tracking feature, that's nowhere to be found in the Series 5.

18-hour battery life


Apple says the Watch 5 can last about 18 hours on one charge. The company said the same thing about its Series 4, which actually exceeded that metric in many battery tests.

I'm going to be real with you: If you have a Series 4, it is probably not worth upgrading. The Series 5 has one meaningful upgrade (the always-on display), and it's not likely to make or break your Apple Watch experience.

But if you're upgrading from a Series 3 or buying a smartwatch for the first time and are excited about the Apple Watch Series 5, you can preorder the device. It ships September 20 and is available from Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target, Costco, T-Mobile, Walmart, and Sprint.

Preorder the Apple Watch Series 5 starting at $399 at Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, B&H, Target, Costco, T-Mobile, Walmart, and Sprint. [Ships September 20]