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The best iPhone docks you can buy

The best iPhone docks you can buy

Nobody likes messy wires everywhere. Charging stations and docks help simplify your life by eliminating and managing the number of cables you have around the house. If you own an iPhone, buying an iPhone dock is a great decision that'll clean up your charging station.

The best iPhone docks include integrated cables or cable management so that you don't have excess wire floating around and tripping you up. Anyone who has an iPhone 11, 11 Pro, XS, X, 8, or 8 Plus can eliminate wires altogether, thanks to wireless charging. Our top pick for a wireless charging dock is the Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand. The rest of our picks involve a built-in lightning connector or cable.

Some of our favorite iPhone docks have built-in lightning connectors so you don't need to buy a new cable. You just plug the dock into the wall and the dock charges your iPhone via the built-in lightning connector. Some of our favorite docks don't have charging cables built in, but they do have clever ways of wrapping up excess wire so you can charge your iPhone in peace.

We've included the best iPhone docks you can buy for prices ranging from less than $40 to $130. You can choose between fashionable docks made from marble and wood, or more simple ones that do the job without any fuss. We also have iPhone docks that have space for charging your Apple Watch, too, so if you're all about Apple products, you won't need a separate dock for your Watch.

Here are the best iPhone docks you can buy:

Updated on 09/23/2019: Updated links and formatting. Updated language to reflect the arrival of new iPhones. We'll continue testing iPhone docks, so stay tuned for more updates soon.