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The best Micro USB cables

Although USB-C cables and connectors are becoming the standard for charging and data transfer, Micro USB is still prevalent. In fact, devices still rely on it — everything from budget phones and tablets to Bluetooth headphones and speakers — and it will be some time before they're completely extinct.

The best part is that Micro USB cables are now much less expensive, even high-end options. Our top pick, the Anker PowerLine Micro USB cable, is now less than half its original price tag on Amazon, and it's a durable cable from a well-known brand that we trust.

We've also rounded up the best super-long cable, the most durable, and a nifty retractable option that stretches from 2 to 33 inches.

Micro USB cables are affordable, but you should still opt for well-known brands to avoid any problems (like potentially frying a connected device) and ensure some longevity.

Here are the best Micro USB cables you can buy:

Updated on 10/24/2019 by Les Shu. Added the AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon USB cable as our new long option. We are currently researching and testing products for the best universal and best multi-pack categories.