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The best rash guards

The best rash guard overall


Hurley's Quick Dry seriesis quick-drying, lightweight, comfortable in extreme heat, and unbelievably easy to pack for trips.

While Hurley's Quick Dry Icon Shirt maybe isn't the most stylish, its lightweight, airy feel makes it the most comfortable UPF shirt both in and out of the water.

Hurley doesn't offer the same Quick Dry model for women, and while this one is comparable, you'll have to put up with the large logo on the forearm of the sleeve. Instead, you might look into Patagonia Women's Micro Swell Rash Guard, which comes in more styled patterns and cuts.

I've spent a lot of time in Hurley's Quick Dry shirt and even though it isn't necessarily the best-made or most technical shirt on our list, it is probably the best for most people just looking to spend a day at the beach while keeping the sun at bay and staying cool. It's also the quickest drying shirt I've tested even when it's wet. That alone makes it my absolute favorite rash guard for surfing.

The most important note to make about this shirt may be that it's comfortable and lightweight enough to leave on after you've gotten out of the water. In contrast, heavier shirts can be a drag to wear wet and even leave you with a chill. This, my friends, is when you're most prone to make the dangerous, egregious mistake of removing your rash guard in order to sun-dry, only to realize hours later that you've forgotten to put it back on, and you're now beet-red.

There aren't a ton of reviews on the web, and none I'll link to, but I can say that Surf writer Chris Dixon and I fell in love with this shirt two years ago while testing for a surf guide at Wirecutter, and both of us still keep it in heavy rotation.

The only point I'll deduct is for staining — not that this shirt is built for fishing in the first place, but taking it out on the fishing boat was a mistake, albeit mine (especially since it was white).

My favorite rash guard of all time was the Hurley Dri Fit, and while you can still get it on Amazon, it appears that Hurley has discontinued it.

Pros: Ultra-lightweight, thin, packable, amazingly quick-drying, as the name suggests, odor-resistant

Cons: Stains easily (at least in white), stitching isn't excellent, but that's not to say it's unraveling on me after two years of heavy use around the world

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