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The biggest hacks of 2019 so far

The biggest hacks of 2019 so far

Nearly nine months in, 2019 has been a banner year for cybersecurity crises, with hackers targeting government agencies and private corporations alike.

Data breaches are not a new phenomenon, and federal agencies have acknowledged the constant threat of exploits. But 2019 has seen unprecedented attacks, including on systems that were previously seen as impenetrable, like Apple's iOS.

Most high-profile hacks this year were done with clear monetary aims, rather than carried out by spies or hacktivists. On a few occasions, however, hacks have been traced to governments across the globe attempting to surveil individuals.

Last week, the US Department of Defense released a highly-anticipated new draft of cybersecurity standards, which tightens the norms that government contractors need to abide by for fending off hacks. The DOD is expected to issue its final framework for cybersecurity standards in January, according to FedScoop.

Here's a look at the biggest hacks — representing the most users affected or the most impressive feats of hacking — from 2019 so far.