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The Hills’ Lo Bosworth Secretly “Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury”

The Hills’ Lo Bosworth Secretly “Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury”

Laguna Beach and The Hills alum Lo Bosworth has kept out of the spotlight since the latter show ended its run more than 10 years ago. But on Saturday, March 13, the former reality star shared details of a secret health battle.

The 34-year-old, who often appeared onscreen with friend and main cast member Lauren Conrad, made her comments on her Instagram page.

“2 years ago in March I suffered a traumatic brain injury I didn’t tell you guys about. I was at a restaurant in lower Manhattan (which shall remain nameless bc accidents happen) and while sitting in a banquet had one of the swinging kitchen doors fall off it’s hinges and on to my head,” Lo wrote. “I was in the hospital and suffered a moderate to severe concussion for months. I took weeks off work and the road to recovery was long. I remember visiting a friend a few weeks later and feeling totally lost on 3rd avenue and 21st street, not knowing which direction to walk in.”

She went on to explain the injury had lasting effects. “I still struggle to recall words from time to time and get my thoughts out coherently 2 years later,” Lo continued. “THEN, I found out I had mononucleosis on top of it all. Also didn’t tell you guys that. One day I had to put my head down on my desk at work because of sheer exhaustion and fell asleep. I laid in bed for months and months whenever I could while continuing to work full-time at @lovewellness.”