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The Hills: New Beginnings Star Jason Wahler Recalls Making Amends With Ex Lauren Conrad

The Hills: New Beginnings Star Jason Wahler Recalls Making Amends With Ex Lauren Conrad

The Hills: New Beginnings star Jason Wahler is reflecting on what it was like to make amends with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Conrad.

Wahler has been open regarding his struggle with drugs and alcohol. One of his relapses was even documented on the current season of the MTV show. On the E! News digital series Just the Sip he spoke with host Justin Sylvester about his journey to sobriety and staying sober.

The reality TV star also shared some never before heard details on his relationship with his former girlfriend. Conrad and Wahler’s romance played out first on Laguna Beach then again on The Hills.

“Part of the process of recovery and living your life sober is making amends, and I made amends to Lauren. It’s freeing. When you can take ownership of your actions and let people know you truly want to make things right and you apologize, and you take the actions to fix what you did, it feels good,” the father of one shared.

He didn’t go into detail regarding his conversation with Conrad or what when he made amends. The reality TV star did admit there are many steps he had to take to create a healthy lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol.

“I’ve definitely transformed. I’m happy to be able to say that. I’m content in my own skin. I can sit here and look you in the eye, and I’m comfortable, I’m confident, I’m happy. I’ve got a great group of people around me,” Wahler expressed.

Fans witness several of his alcohol-infused binders, as well as sober times on The Hills. Wahler was arrested numerous times, which is why he keeps a mugshot in his bedroom. It reminds him of how far he has come, as well as the time he never wants to go back to again.

Since getting sober Jason Wahler has made amends with his former girlfriend, Lauren Conrad. His life now is all about filming the new MTV show, his lovely wife Ashley and their daughter. Wahler has often said his relationship with Ashley is the only positive, healthy romance he has had in his life.

The Hills New Beginnings star is ready to start filming season two. Wahler is pleased to have a platform to be able to share his story, including the bad times.