The iPhone 11 is missing 6 modern smartphone features, and it feels like a placeholder for something better coming later (AAPL)

Much of the anticipation I typically feel leading up to a new iPhone announcement revolves around one question: "Did Apple finally add 'this' feature?"

For the iPhone 11, Apple delivered on some features I expected, like an ultra-wide camera, and a new Night Mode for better photos in low-light situations. And finally, finally, a fast-charger included in the box, at least for the iPhone 11 Pro.

As for other features I was hoping for, like a universal USB-C port and a super-fast and smooth display, the iPhone 11 didn't quite deliver.

I can fully understand why Apple didn't include most of the features below. Many of them might not be ready for Apple's adoption yet. When Apple feels comfortable enough to add these features, the iPhone will be totally different than it is today. That's why the iPhone 11 feels a bit more like a placeholder while the company works on adding some key, modern smartphone features to its iPhone.

Check out the features that some may have expected on Apple's iPhone 11, but ultimately didn't make an appearance:

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