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The most controversial and emotional moments of John Bercow, the UK Commons speaker who banned Trump and said ‘Order!’ 14,000 times

The controversial UK House of Commons Speaker John Bercow had his last day in the job on Thursday after nine years in which he shouted "order!" some 14,000 times.

Bercow has become famous around the world for his bombastic style, with clips of his interventions and catchphrases, such as "chuntering from a sedentary position" regularly going viral online and featuring in late night comedy shows.

Here are just some of Bercow's greatest moments as Speaker.

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Bercow bans Trump

Bercow hit the headlines around the globe for his decision to ban Trump from speaking in the UK Parliament. He said that the president should not be allowed to address members and peers due to his record of "racism and sexism"

Bercow's death stare

Bercow is popular with opposition members of parliament and unpopular with the Conservative government, due to his willingness to intervene in the favour of backbenchers. In 2015 the then Prime Minister David Cameron presided over an attempt to oust him from the Speaker's Chair, which ultimately failed. Bercow's expression when MPs rejected the attempt has gone down in parliamentary history.

Bercow tells Michael Gove to "be a good boy"

Bercow appeared to take the most pleasure in goading senior members of the government, including the chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and leading Brexiteer, Michael Gove.

Bercow accuses Boris Johnson of sexism

The Speaker has never shied from clashing with the prime minister of the day, from David Cameron to Theresa May, to Boris Johnson. This moment, which took place while Johnson was Foreign Secretary under May, was particularly memorable.

Bercow's nemesis

Bercow had lots of admirers in parliament, as the hours of gushing tributes from MPs in the House of Commons on Thursday proved. However, he also had many critics and none more so than the Conservative backbencher and long term thorn in his side, Andrew Bridgen.

The two men clashed fiercely in their final encounter together on Thursday over the subject of Bercow's relationship with the disgraced Labour MP Keith Vaz. Here is how it ended.

Bercow's musical turn of phrase

Bercow has an often lyrical way with words, which has inspired some social media users to put them to music.

Here he is saying the name of Conservative MP Peter Bone to the tune of Beethoven's fifth symphony.

And here he is calling Labour MP Bambos Charalambous to the sound of Queen's Under Pressure.

And most gloriously of all, here he is calling Labour MP Thangam Debbonaire to speak in the Chamber, to the tune of Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer.

Bercow's teary farewell

Bercow has never shied from showing his emotional side. His teary speech announcing his resignation was a prime example