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The NFL’s pass interference rules continue to baffle as a seemingly obvious grab prevented a Texans touchdown and didn’t get overturned

The NFL's pass interference rules continued to confuse the larger football world on Sunday.

In the first quarter of the Houston Texans-Baltimore Ravens Week 11 game, Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey seemed to commit an obvious penalty against Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins in the end zone. As Hopkins reached for the ball, Humphrey had both hands around Hopkins' torso, effectively holding Hopkins back from catching the ball.

The Texans challenged the play for pass interference, as the NFL now allows. The refs did not overturn the play.

Here's video:

Several in the NFL world reacted to the non-call:

The non-call had an impact in the first half. The Texans didn't score on the drive and the Ravens ended up scoring 14 points in the first half.