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The Productivity Project: Tips and insights from business leaders across industries on how to manage your time and become a rockstar worker

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If you're a regular user of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, you're likely faced with a barrage of people talking about their success and the grind of making it in business — often recommending dubious productivity hacks like sleeping just a few hours a night. It's so ubiquitous that entrepreneur and investor Alexis Ohanian derisively refers to it as “hustle porn.”

The bottom line is that there's no one-size-fits-all for success, and that extreme or unusual habits might work for some people, but they also might just be a grab for attention. That's why when Business Insider set out to build out a “Productivity Project,” we wanted to get real-world insights from successful people without presenting them as miracle cures.

We reached out to nine of our “100 People Transforming Business” leaders shaking up their industries, and asked them for the habits they use each day to be effective and productive. These are simple techniques you can consider for your own life, and if you want to learn more, you can click the link in each slide.

Read on for the full collection, and see if you find an exercise or habit that registers with you.