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The United States has once again questioned the Chinese government’s lack of transparency about the epidemic

The United States has once again questioned the Chinese government’s lack of transparency about the epidemic

The United States has once again questioned the Chinese government’s lack of transparency about the nature of the epidemic and condemned its aggressive measures against Taiwan. The US Secretary of State considered that if Beijing had shared information “in real-time,” the coronavirus would not have had such “atrocious” effects. Also, he blamed the Asian giant for having raised tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

The United States again questioned this Sunday the lack of “real transparency” of the Chinese regime regarding the start of the coronavirus pandemic, something that, according to the Joe Biden government, contributed to the “rapid” expansion of the virus.

I think China knows that in the early stages of Covid 19, it did not do what it was supposed to do, which provided access to international experts in real-time, share information in real-time, and offer real transparency,” he said. Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, In an interview on the NBC television network, also condemned the recent offensive against Taiwan.

The head of US diplomacy said, One of the consequences of this decision was that the virus quickly got out of control and, I think, had far more serious consequences.

For this reason, Blinken urged to reinforce the global health system that includes a reform of the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent another similar situation.

The United States is the country with the highest number of epidemics, with more than 560,000 deaths.

However, in recent weeks the vaccination process has accelerated, with more than three million daily doses, so the North American authorities hope to have 90% of its population immunized by the summer.

Currently, the country has more than 70 million people fully vaccinated, by means of one or two doses depending on the vaccine administered, which represents 21.5% of the population.

In January 2020, a team of WHO epidemiologists traveled to Wuhan’s central Chinese city to investigate the origin of the new coronavirus.

Since then, the disease that causes covid-19 has caused more than 135 million infections and more than 2.9 million deaths worldwide.

So far, science has determined that the original zoonotic and the first case occurred in Wuhan, but the exact origin is not yet known.

For his part, during the interview with NBC, Blinken said that the United States is concerned about China’s aggressive actions against Taiwan and warned that in the Western Pacific by force, it would be a grave mistake for anyone to try to change the status quo.

US Secretary of State said, In Beijing, the government is increasingly taking aggressive measures through directives in Taiwan, which we have seen, and which has caused us trouble, increasing tensions in the Straits.

Last Thursday, the Xi Jinping government blamed the United States for the tension after a US warship approached Taiwan.

Under the Taiwan Relations Act, Washington has a longstanding commitment to ensuring that Taiwan can defend itself and sustain peace and security in the Western Pacific, Blinken recalled.

Asked if the United States would respond militarily to any Chinese action in Taiwan, the head of US diplomacy refrained from commenting on hypothetical scenarios: “

All I can say is that we have a severe commitment so that Taiwan can protect itself. We have a serious commitment to harmony and security in the Western Pacific.

He added. We to reaffirm those commitments. And in these circumstances, it would be a great mistake for anyone to try to change this stalemate by force.

Taiwan has complained in recent months about repeated Chinese air force missions near the island, which the Chinese government claims.

Last Friday, the White House said it was keeping a close eye on increasing Chinese military activity in the Taiwan Strait and described Beijing’s actions as potentially destabilizing.

Amid mounting tensions, Taiwan warned last week that it would fight “to the end” if China attacks it, according to the island’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, adding that allies such as Japan or the United States are “following very closely” Beijing’s latest military maneuvers near its territory.

“We are ready to defend ourselves, and there is no doubt that we will fight a war if we have to fight it, and if we have to defend ourselves until the last day, we will. We are ready to raise our defense budget, to reorganize our Army, or to try to reinforce our reserve forces, “Wu said at a press conference with international media.