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The Vatican reiterates that the Catholic Church cannot bless homosexual unions.

The Vatican reiterates that the Catholic Church cannot bless homosexual unions.

The Vatican has insisted that the Catholic Church does not bless homosexual unions, stressing that for this institution, it is still a “sin” and making it clear that the Pope’s words on this subject in a recent interview do not imply a change in doctrine.

The Vatican has reiterated that for the Catholic Church’s doctrine, homosexuality is “a sin” and that priests cannot bless these unions in a text released this Monday by the Congregation for the Faith’s Doctrine.

The institution in charge of preserving Catholic dogma has addressed the issue through a “Responsum ad dubium,” that is, a response to doubt, approved by Pope Francis, whose words had recently raised doubts about a certain openness: Does the Church have the power to impart the blessing of same-sex unions? The institution’s response has been blunt and straightforward: It responds negatively.

This is the first official response by the Vatican to a few words from the Pope that gave, or so it was believed, the approval, not the blessing, to civil unions.

It is a sin, and it cannot be praised.

In a document signed by the head of the Congregation, Cardinal Luis Ladaria, known as Holy Office of the Inquisition in the past, In a document signed by Cardinal Luis Ladaria, prefect of the Congregation, known in the past as the Holy Office of the Inquisition, It is mentioned that projects and proposals are being promoted in some cultural environment of blessings for the unions of the people of the same sex.

It is not lawful to impart a blessing to relationships, or even stable couples, that implies a sexual practice outside of marriage. In the preferred text, He reveals to the broadcast of life outside the indissoluble association of a man and woman, as in the case of unions between individuals of the same sex.

The document recalls that, for the Church, God never stops blessing his children” but adds that “he does not bless and cannot bless sin.

The blessings on individuals are about rites, gay associations’ blessings may not be legitimate, as this may appear to be licit, insofar as it would be in a particular way an image or a relationship with the nuptial blessing, invoked on the man and the woman who unite in the sacrament of Matrimony,” insists the old Inquisition.

And he says there is no basis for assimilating or building analogies, not even remote, between gay unions and God’s order for marriage and the family.

The Pope talked of the laws of the States.

The text was approved by Pope Francis, whose position on homosexuality seemed to be less blunt.

Five months ago, Francisco said in an interview that gay people have the right to live within a family and should have the right to engage. The controversy broke out legally.

A phrase that provoked the most conservative sectors, among them several bishops and cardinals, and in turn, praise from the associations for the defense of homosexuals, which considered its opening historic.

The Vatican later explained that Francis had not questioned the theory of marriage between man and woman. He referred to the States’ laws, which he wanted to settle with the new clarification.