These photos prove that vintage Ferraris just look better in Italy (RACE)

There's nothing wrong with vintage Ferraris at Pebble Beach, basking in the California sun as they await million-dollar auctions. But somehow, the Prancing Horse looks properly at home in its home country, as the photo above amply demonstrates.

The occasion for this festival of Ferrari-ness was the third-annual Cavalcade Classiche.

"From 20 to 22 September, crews from Europe, the US, the Middle and Far East, New Zealand and Australia visited the Lazio countryside, the Appian Way Archaeological Park and the ancient consular roads [of Italy]," Ferrari explained in a statement.

"This fascinating and completely new route for a major event was designed in partnership with Rome City Council and other local institutions. On Friday, the Cavalcade arrived in Borgo San Pietro on Lake Salto and Rieti, before climbing Mount Terminillo and paying a visit to the magnificent Marmore Falls. The art and history of Todi and Viterbo took centre stage on the second day, while Sunday was dedicated to Rome, along a route that approached the eternal city through Frascati and Castel Gandolfo."

Have a look at some of the other stunning images from the event:

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