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‘Thursday Night Football’ ends with an ugly brawl and star defender Myles Garrett hitting QB Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet

The Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21-7, on “Thursday Night Football,” but the big story is the brawl that ended the game and star defender Myles Garrett hitting Steelers quarterback in the head with his helmet.

With under 15 seconds to go, Rudolph threw a pass and was taken to the ground by Garrett. Rudolph appeared to take exception to the aggressiveness by Garrett who then ripped the helmet off of Rudolph.

As the two got up off the ground, Garrett swung the helmet and hit Rudolph in the head.

Garrett is likely facing a multiple-game suspension.

Here is the replay.

Three players were ejected in the aftermath, including Garrett.

This is a developing story.