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Tiny Harris Opens Up About Pregnancy Chatter Caused By Husband T.I.

Tiny Harris Opens Up About Pregnancy Chatter Caused By Husband T.I.

Is Tiny Harris pregnant with another baby? Recently, T.I. took to social media where he said many babies would be made during the lockdown put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Xscape singer, who is currently promoting her show T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, sat down with Fox News, where she spoke about everything, including the pregnancy chatter.

She was asked how she and her family are handling the quarantine?

Tiny said: “You know, I’m enjoying it. [T.I.] says he’s enjoying it because I think because we’re never just sitting down. We’re not made to sit down. We’re also running around doing this or that. Never, we’re never like sitting down like you know, nothing, if we’re not made to sit down. It’s time for us to sit down, be with the family, cook, play games, and just find creative things to keep the house going. We’ve been doing pretty well. I’ve been enjoying all the rest and just the time of being home. I am really a homebody even though I’m traveling all the time. I just love being at home. I love being with my kids. I’m enjoying every bit of it.”

When she was asked about the baby news, Tiny stated: “I am trying not to make a baby, so … and I am. I’m not really trying not to make a baby, but I’m praying that I don’t make a baby because you know, that’s… what else you got to do? Do you know? Sit in the house, and you’re looking at each other, you got to come up with some things to do and that normally comes up a lot in my house.”

She also explained how her marriage survived the cheating scandals by saying: “I think for us, we just have a lot of love for each other. We really have. … There is a lot of attraction, also. I really, like honestly, it’s just an attraction that’s very rare, and it’s different. In a relationship, two people, you got to be willing to fight for one another. If one is only willing to fight and the other one isn’t, it will never work.”

The pregnancy rumor is an easy way for the couple to grab headlines as they promote the new season.