TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS STARTUPS TO WATCH: The top 5 startups across digital freight services, warehouse robotics, AI, last-mile delivery robotics, and self-driving cars

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Transportation and logistics industries have operated largely the same way for decades. But the surge in e-commerce in the last several years, combined with consumers' appetite for same-day delivery, has brought us to a tipping point.

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Delivery companies are doing all they can to get orders to customers' doors as quickly as possible, which has facilitated wholesale changes in how they operate.

Cutting-edge digital solutions (including digital freight services, warehouse robotics, AI for supply chain management, delivery robotics, and autonomous driving software) are forcing traditional delivery companies to either evolve or see their core businesses erode.

Transportation & Logistics Startups to Watch, a new report from Business Insider Intelligence, monitors the biggest change agents in the industry to offer unique insight into the development of the transportation and logistics space at large, and shows how traditional companies are adapting to their new environment.

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Business Insider Intelligence's Startups to Watch reports give a high-level overview of the funding trends for startups in a particular coverage area, as well as a list of key startups (by function, what they do, key news, and statistics). Businesses need to understand new competitive threats, technologies, and acquisition opportunities in order to thrive. These reports provide that contextual information in an easy-to-digest manner.

In full, Transportation & Logistics Startups to Watch dives into the top 25 companies – five startups across five key disruption areas – that are easing shipping burdens, improving order fulfillment efficiency, optimizing delivery, and automating processes.

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The companies included in the report include: Convoy, Flexport, Full Truck Alliance, Freightos, CargoX, Bossa Nova Robotics, 6 River Systems, Geek+, Locus Robotics, GreyOrange Robotics, Transmetrics, Shippo, Clari, ClearMetal, TradeGecko, Starship, Nuro, Marble, Robby Technologies, Boxbot,, Zoox, Aurora,, Voyage.

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